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the excitement for marvel comics

Ahmed Khan

Customer Testimonials


Badly need a comic books store in Mumbai... Even though I am 21 now, I have grown up listening and watching stories about my favourite comics including characters from marvel comics like iron man, Thor and batman, superman etc.

Ishaan Khandelwal


Please open the store in Delhi. There's a lot more craze in Delhi and there's less craze in Mumbai and Bangalore. Please open in Delhi.

Priyanshu Verma

comic con

The only way I could get comics was from comic con please if you guys can make this happen let me know gonna rush there all day man!! And I'll say I have come to bargain!! 

Suriya Ram

comic book store

What you're doing is really great and it would be totally awesome if you open a store in Chennai.

Ridge Salins

comic books

I really want an all comic book shop in Mumbai just set it up quickly!

Modi Jeet

comic book stpre

 Please open a comic book store fast!

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