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Angela #2

Beginning of love affair between Spawn and Angela. Angela pinup. 36 pgs.Angela is to be imprisoned by Gabrielle unless she can prove she didn’t commit treason by releasing Spawn. This gives her the idea to bring Al Simmons to Heaven so he can testify to her innocence. He agrees after persuasion, but the trick is disguising him in humanly form. In a comical fashion Simmons is turned into a blonde haired white man for his stay in heaven. During Angela’s trial Al Simmon’s reverts back to his Hellspawn form and shocks everyone in attendance. In a panic they escape and end up inside Spawn’s cape. While inside and not knowing how to to get out, the love affair between Al and Angela begins.

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Cover art by Greg Capullo. Untitled Angela story, script by Neil Gaiman, pencils by Greg Capullo, inks by Mark Pennington

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