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Azrael Agent of the Bat #1 – First appearance Brian Bryan and Sister Lilhy

He is a creature of fire and retribution, of violence and bloodlust. He is the angel of justice…and vengeance…and sometimes of death. But perhaps first and foremost, he is a tortured mortal man. Azrael is back. The fallen angel of ‘KnightsEnd’ returns in the ongoing series, back in his awesome original costume and forced by events he cannot control to resume the war he believed was over. In the wake of ‘KnightsEnd,’ Jean-Paul Valley — the man who had been Batman — has seemingly regained his sanity. Now broken and lost, Valley is still haunted by his disgrace and by nightmarish visions of the true Batman. His torment nearly blinds him to the dangers of the mean streets on which he lives, until circumstances trigger his life-long conditioning, forcing Azrael to the surface. Elsewhere, mysterious forces are swirling with designs on the avenging angel…including the Dark Knight himself! 32 pages, full color.


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Fallen Angel: Part 1 of 7: Some say in Fire… – Written by Dennis O’Neil. Art and Cover by Barry Kitson & James Pascoe.

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