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Batman #146 (1940)

When the Dynamic Duo save the life of a magician, he gives the Caped Crusaders certain powers, not realizing that when Batman and Robin use these powers, Bat-Mite is actually responsible for their amazing abilities. One-page Jail Jests story by Henry Boltinoff. “The Secret of the Leopard Boy,” script by Bill Finger, art by Sheldon Moldoff; The Caped Crusaders follow Smiley Fenton to Africa, who wants to get the diamonds stolen by Joe Taylor, whose plane crashed in the jungle. One-page Fingerprint Curios story, art by Morris Waldinger. “The Deadly Curse of Korabo,” script by Arnold Drake, pencils by Sheldon Moldoff, inks by Charles Paris; Batman and Robin are called to the mountains to uncover the mystery of a giant hand that has been killing mountain climbers. From Many Lands public service announcement, art by Lou Cameron. 36 Pages, Full Color.


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Cover by Sheldon Moldoff. “Batman and Robin’s Magical Powers,” script by Jerry Coleman, pencils by Sheldon Moldoff, inks by Charles Paris

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