Batman #162 (1940)

A mad scientist has invented a ray which turns men into animal creatures, who steal for him; When he turns the ray on Batman, turning the Caped Crusader into a creature, it’s all Robin, Batwoman and Bat-Hound can do to stop him. Strange Old Laws humor/non-fiction page by Henry Boltinoff. “Robin’s New Secret Identity!”, script by Dave Wood, pencils by Sheldon Moldoff, inks by Charles Paris; Dick, bummed out because he can’t play sports like the other boys his age, decides to disguise himself as a red-headed boy and then compete; During one of these competitions, he bumps his head, getting amnesia, and evens aid the Batman in tracking down some crooks. Give and Take public service announcement, script by Jack Schiff, art by Sheldon Moldoff; The children take some broken and unused toys to Mr. Craig, who helps them to repair them and they then donate them to charity uses. Letter to the editor from Silver Age comics fan Edward Simpson III. 36 Pages, Full Color.


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Cover art by Sheldon Moldoff. “The Batman Creature!”, script by Dave Wood, pencils by Sheldon Moldoff, inks by Charles Paris

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