Captain America #13 (1996 2nd Series)

World War 3 – Part 4 of 4. “War Without End” Guest-starring the Avengers, Fantastic Four, Stormwatch, Deathblow, and the WildCATs.Story continues from Iron Man (1996 1st series) #13. With the fate of two universes hanging in the balance, the assembled super-heroes make their final two-pronged attack! Captain America leads one team of heroes into Latveria, while Mister Fantastic leads the other through the Negative Zone! Both groups have the same harrowing mission: destroy the dimensional lock in order to uncouple the two universes… and save both realties! However powerful forces are lined up against them: Doctor Doom, the Daemonites, and the Skrulls! Do the Marvel and Wildstorm heroes have what it takes to overcome the desperate odds? Good luck to all! (Notes: This issue completes the second volume of the Captain America title. Cap appears next in the Heroes Reborn: The Return limited series published in December 1997; and then in Captain America (3rd series) #1 published in January 1998. The cover of each issue of the four-part story forms a larger illustration. This issue features a gatefold cover.) 32 pages.


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Script by James Robinson. Pencils by Ron Lim. Inks by Danny Bulandi. Cover by Tom Raney and Richard Bennett.

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