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Incredible Hulk #425 (1962) Silver Foil CVR Signed by Stan Lee with CoA

This 48-page milestone issue introduces the Incredible Hulk’s new art team of Liam Sharp and Robin Riggs! Departing artists Gary Frank and Cam Smith handle the first half of the book, and Sharp and Riggs take over for the second. This issue marks the return of the savage Hulk personality in the shocking surprise conclusion of ‘The Fall of the Pantheon’! Major happenings are in store for the Hulk, Betty and the Pantheon–this series will never be the same! Characters: Hulk [Bruce Banner]; Pantheon; Doc Samson; Agamemnon (villain); Endless Knights (first appearance; villain); Achilles (villain). “Error” is written by Peter David, with art by Gary Frank, Liam Sharp, Cam Smith and Robin Riggs. This special edition features a two-channel holo-clear cover by Liam Sharp and Robin Riggs. The two-channel holo-clear cover offers greater depth and clarity–tilt the cover to one angle and see the hologram, tilt it the other way, and you don’t!

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