Nick Fury Agent of SHIELD #12

Alone, Fury is pursued by armored men with stun blasters; he uses a gun that fires Tony Stark’s “repulsor ray” to knock them out; We then discover it’s SHIELD agents who are after him…In flashback, Fury is angered by “Intelligence” man Rickard, who feels Fury is too old for his job; Fury & Val grab some private time, but 2 days later when they return, both are taken into custody; Rickard now had “evidence”, photos showing Fury associating with enemy agents, and he claims Val does not support Fury’s story!; Back in the “present,” we find Rickard is really an agent of HYDRA out to discredit Fury and destroy SHIELD; 2 HYDRA goons in a stolen SHIELD aircraft try to take Fury out, but only succeed in getting themselves blown to atoms. Letter to the editor from comics writer Don McGregor. 36 pgs., full color.

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Cover by Barry Smith. “Hell Hath No Fury,” script by Steve Parkhouse (plot, dialogue) and Barry Smith (plot), pencils by Barry Smith, inks by Barry Smith and Sid Greene

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