Ravanayan Finale Part 2

This is a book that brings you the important characters of Hanuman, Rama and Ravana like never before. Hanumana is the epitome of unfathomable might, Rama is the royal-blooded fighter of legends and Ravana is the undisputable ruler whom no one can dare to match in terms of power.

The name of the Showcase Book 2 is Barbareek. Barbareek is about the grandson of none other than Bhim, the Pandava with incredible strength. The story is made fascinating by going into the history of this alluring and magnetic character. Twists and turns in the story and character keep it interesting going till the end.

Holy Cow Entertainment Ravanayan Finale (Part 2): With Free Vanar Raj Kesari Sketch Card is a comic book that keeps up the tradition of the Ravanayan series with full-on action, drama and twists. The second edition of this book is published by Holy Cow Entertainment in 2014 and comes as a paperback.

Key Features:

The cover page of the book has been done by well-known artist, Mukesh Singh, of The Incredible Hulk and All New Invaders Fame.
The artwork of this particular book has been done by four gifted artists together.


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Vijayendra Mohanty, Vivek Goel

Vivek Goel


68 Pages

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