RG MSN-06S Sinanju


  • Sinanju
    • Manipulators
      • Poseable (1 pair)
      • Fixed general weapon-holding (1 pair)
      • Open-palm (left)
  • Beam Rifle
  • Shield
    • Beam Axe
    • Grenade Launcher
  • 2 Beam Saber hilts
  • 1/144 Full Frontal figurine (standing)
  • Adapter for action base

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Kit Features & Gimmicks


  • The head can swivel/slightly pivot on a ball-and-socket/hinge neck joint.
    • Mono-eye can move left or right via a switch hidden by the removable upper head panel.
  • Torso can tilt frontward/backwards and/or sideways.
  • The shoulder joints can swing frontward.
  • The arms can…
    • Swing vertically on a shoulder frame.
    • Raise horizontally.
      • The shoulder armor’s sideways panel can lift up to avoid interference.
  • The upper arms can rotate.
  • Both the elbow and knee joints are double-jointed.
  • The waist can rotate, though in an extent.
  • The upper thighs can swing frontward/backwards on a peg, raise horizontally, and/or rotate on each piece.
    • Front, side, and rear skirt armors can lift up to avoid interference.
  • The ankles can swivel on a ball-and-socket joint, though in a very limited manner.
  • Front toes can pivot.
  • Rear backpack thrusters and/or fuel tanks are poseable.

Weapons/Other Gimmicks

  • The cockpit hatch can be opened and closed.
  • The hands are swappable.
  • Each of the weapons must be wielded by their respective hand parts. (Fixed weapon-holding hands is recommended for gripping stability)
  • Forearm armor can be rearranged to form Beam Tonfa.
  • Grenade Launcher can be mounted onto the Beam Rifle.
  • Beam Rifle can mount onto the rear waist armor. (Scope must be removed first)
  • The shield can attach onto either the left forearm or the shoulder armor via the shield’s built-in binder.
  • Beam Axe hilts can be detached as handheld weapons or rearranged onto the shield.
    • The hilts can also combine to form a double-bladed weapon.
  • Sinanju can mount onto most Action Bases via an adapter.

Tips & Tricks

  • For better results, some of the details are needed to be panel-lined with Gundam markers.
  • If one chooses, Topcoat (Mr. Hobby recommended) can be used to protect applied decals. (Water-based topcoat is recommended due to the kit having PP parts)
    • If using matte/flat-finish top coat, it is advisable not to spray on the clear/translucent and chromed parts – can be done by masking or spraying top coat while the said parts are separated.
  • The Expansion Set for RG Sinanju add-on can be used to upgrade this kit.
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