Tribal Leaders of the Freedom Struggle

During India’s freedom struggle, many brave men and women rose up in defence oftheir country and were immortalised in the hearts of their countrymen. There werealso those who fought back against oppression for the sake of their beloved land,forests and nature – their very source of livelihood. These were the adivasis, or firstsettlers, who had a crucial role to play in freeing India from the British.Amar Chitra Katha presents Tribal Leaders of the Freedom Struggle, a collection ofuntold stories of 19 brave tribal leaders. These were the freedom fighters whounited their tribes to revolt against their oppressors and inspired thousands to fightand do the same. From Helen Lepcha of Sikkim to Thalakkal Chanthu of Kerala,from Chakra Bisoi of Odisha to Raghojirao Bhangre of Maharashtra, theseforgotten warriors fought using guerilla warfare and grassroots strategies. Theirtales of sacrifice, honour, integrity and above all, tremendous courage, have madeour understanding of the word ‘freedom’ more meaningful.


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by Reena Puri (Author)

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