Where Monsters Dwell (1970) #10

Gigantus! The Monster That…Walked Like a Man!, pencils by Jack Kirby, inks by Steve Ditko; An advertising man tricks an advance agent of a proposed invasion from Atlantis into returning to Atlantis by building a mannequin even larger than Goliath and threatening to wage war with his people for the surface of Earth. The Frog-Man!, script by Stan Lee, art by Steve Ditko; An evil king is turned into a frog by a sorcerer. He hibernates for centuries hoping that the future will hold a cure, but Halloween costumes make him think that humans are now giant frogs and he goes to sleep forever. Barker’s Body Shop!, script by Stan Lee (plot) and Larry Lieber (script), art by Sol Brodsky. Dinner Time on Deimos!, script by Stan Lee (plot) and Larry Lieber (script), art by Larry Lieber.

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Cover pencils by Jack Kirby and Marie Severin (re-touches and additions), inks by Steve Ditko and Marie Severin (re-touches and additions).

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