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Where Monsters Dwell (1970) #25

In the near future of 1990, humanity has created a computer, named R.O.E. (Ruler of Earth), to settle disputes for it; A handful of communists attempt to re-program the computer to serve their aims. They Called Her a Witch!, script by Stan Lee, art by Russ Heath; Peasants call an old woman a witch, a man gives her the benefit of the doubt, but it turns out the peasants were right. When the Earth Vanished!, art by Steve Ditko; Tiny alien invaders decide to detonate their ultimate bomb thinking that unobserved Earthlings have gone into hiding to avoid their invasion force and end up blowing up an Earth boy’s ping pong ball and themselves as they are caught in the aftershocks of the blast. The Man Who Fell!, art by Paul Reinman; A town’s mayor threatens to imprison a gypsy fortune-teller who spurned his advances if her prediction that he will be injured by a fall does not come true.


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Cover pencils by Jack Kirby. The Ruler of Earth!, pencils by Jack Kirby,

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