The difference between Comics and Graphic Novels: Explained!

Comics are the medium of telling a story in forms of smaller stories that are released as issues, whereas graphic novels are the medium where stories are told in a single stretch in fewer volumes. These days a lot of movies, Tv series and web series are being made from stories based on graphic novels, for example, flash tv series, arrow tv series, the MCU, which are all stories derived from the characters based on graphic novels, but only fraction of the original character is bought to the screens and people love that itself, imagine how much they’d love to see the original character’s stories.

Justice League International #67

It seems that Blue Beetle has sold the League out for some airtime on trashy news channels, but he insists that his motives for talking to the press were good – to ensure that Ice’s memory would be honored and to get some money to pay for Booster’s medical bills now that the UN no longer support the League. This causes yet more strife in the group, leading Captain Atom, Blue Beetle and Metamorpho to leave. Elsewhere, a group called Vox Humana prepares to attack the League for the good of mankind. Each of the Leaguers reevaluates their place on the team, and some prepare to leave – Maya to rejoin her parents and Doctor Light to spend more time with her children.

When Vox Humana attacks, it quickly becomes clear that they do not speak for the people at all. Perhaps partly due to Beetle’s broadcast, they love the League and come to their defense. Even so, those who have chosen to leave to do, followed soon after by the Flash. As the others wonder whether the Justice League can continue, someone arrives on the scene claiming to be a founding member of the team, though none of them recognize him.

condition: very fine to near mint, white pages


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