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Why we Started TCBS

Comics have been an integral part of every 90s (& earlier) kids. We’ve grown up on cartoons like Batman, Justice League, Spider-Man, Avengers, X-Men, Teen Titans, etc. but somewhere along the line with the birth of social networks and smartphones, we all lost our way. Comics became scarce and with it our childhood non-existent! Then came the MCU and with the release of Iron Man in 2008 millions of new fans were spawned & millions of comic fans were drawn to a world where all their superheroes came to life. The MCU is the biggest & most successful production house with millions if not billions of fans worldwide.

India has the second largest fan base after the USA. It has one of the biggest geek communities with fans ranging from the basics; Marvel, DC, Manga, Sony, Disney to the online streamers of GoT, Stranger Things & so much more! Despite housing one of the world’s biggest geek communities what India lacks is a center where all these nerds can find their solace. Comic-Con fests are held in 4 major cities across India but those fests now no longer focus on Comics but rather on locally printed accessories. Not a single Comic book or any original paraphernalia in sight! People long for Comic books & with the boom of the MCU, they want this now more than ever! Movie buffs want to find out how the movie actually differentiates from its comic counterpart, the most anticipated being Avengers: Endgame.

There’s this massive gap between the demand & supply of comic books & related merchandise in our country & to meet all these unaddressed needs & wants I set up The Comic Book Store as a one-stop shop.

  • Hamza Sayed, Founder

Premium Products at Non-Premium Prices

We are focusing more on International titles rather than locally produced merch. Our promise is to sell Premium Products at Non-Premium Prices!

Exclusive Original Merch

Our competitors sell local produce, nothing original! Only we have a re-sellers license directly from Marvel, DC & others.

Largest Variety of Titles

We are constantly growing our comics collection with exclusive and official partnerships with major publishers.

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