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*Because of the current pandemic and worldwide school/college closures, this program is suspended until reopenings*

What if your fav friendly neighborhood store could be at your school/college?

Whether for an event, fair, annual day, book fest, or a celebration, getting a Comic Book Store stall just got a whole lot simpler! Hehe, don’t worry, we’ll be there to manage everything while earning you some popularity points 😉

Here’s why you should get us to your campus:-

 An Instant Hit

The Comic Book Store is an instant hit with kids as well as parents! The stall itself attracts herds of crowds of all ages – as seen at Comic-Con, Bombay International School (BIS), and Christ Church School. Its an eye-candy for everyone and a magnet for kids (as well as adults) obsessed with The Avengers, Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, Captain America, One Punch Man, and other popular superheroes.

Become Famous

The Comic Book Store is India’s 1st comic book store & the world’s 1st marketplace for comic & pop-culture and if that’s not enough, we’re a brand that is immediately recognizable as a comic powerhouse and a de facto authority with a global presence and multiple brand partnerships with some of the biggest companies in the world! Associating with The Comic Book Store and becoming our official campus representative is gonna earn you some serious rep. You’ll be remembered forever, not just for getting us to your campus but for the money you’ll bring to your school/college. Wait, what? What money? This money

School/College earns Commission on Sales

We offer a 10-25% incentive to the school/college on total sales generated from their grounds. Just to put the percentage in perspective:
The Comic Book Store easily does over in sales with a crowd of 200 in under 4 hours with an average value per transaction being ₹500. Considering the lower end of this scale your institute stands to make ₹10,000 – ₹25,000 per day.
Imagine how much we could do for a multi-day event with a crowd of 1000+?
You do the math!

Social Promotions

Get featured on our page and under upcoming events on our website that attracts over 1 million monthly visitors! Increase your school/college popularity with our public platforms. Not just that, you can also use our platform to drive ticket sales and event registrations free of cost!
*Does not apply to closed events*

Our marketing team is here to provide support and assistance to help you get the maximum benefit!

Whether you’re a student, parent, alum, faculty, or a member of the school board, get in touch below! Or write to us at We’ll send you a detailed proposal and take things from there.

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