Archie’S Pal Jughead Comics #139 Comic Book

Jughead is fascinated by sound effects, so Mr. Lodge recruits him as sound man for the old-time radio society. Archie wrecks Jughead’s equipment, so Jughead wows everyone by making all the sounds with his voice.; Trula insists that Jughead’s avoidance of girls is due to the fact that he subconsciously fears them. To prove her wrong Jughead seeks out associations with girls, but they go so badly that soon he really is gripped with fear.; Jughead is running an ice cream cart but gets no business. When an elderly lady drops her wallet he sets off through the forest to return it. On the way he sells out all his stock to hungry campers and hikers.; Jughead says Alice will make him a continental breakfast. Thinking of frozen food, Archie says that the continent will be Antarctica.


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Illustrator:Rex W. Lindsey

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