Batman And The Monster Men #1 – 6 Complete Comic Book Set

Matt Wagner takes the Dark Knight through his sophomore season in this 6-issue miniseries! Batman has spent his first year fighting organized crime ? but nothing thus far in his early career as the Caped Crusader has prepared him for the new menace facing Gotham: super-powered villains! This is the first of two planned Wagner miniseries featuring Batman, each under the heading “Dark Moon Rising.”
#1 Batman and the Monster Men marks Matt Wagner’s return to the world of Batman. This new mini-series written and illustrated by Wagner takes place during Batman’s early days fighting crime. He is still hopeful of actually winning his war and vanquishing crime in Gotham. And he has good reason to feel that way; these are the days before the costumed criminals began to appear in Gotham. He was still fighting to bring down The Roman and had just defeated the Red Hood. But the rules begin to change as Hugo Strange conducts bizarre experiments to unlock human potential, experiments that will undoubtedly move him into conflict with Batman. The first issue moves nicely and sets up all the characters. If you’re a fan of Batman, you’ll love this one.

#2 Matt Wagner’s tale of Batman’s first battle against Super-Villains continues! Hidden in Gotham’s shadows are secrets far darker than the Batman could ever have imagined. Who is the savage killer baffling the police? What is the sinister agenda of the impish scientist Hugo Strange? Follow the early career of the World’s Greatest Detective as he uncovers the new and uncanny complexities of crime.

#3 The Dark Knight’s first confrontation with super-villains is getting deadlier by the minute! A mad scientist has created a race of giant monster men to do his bidding. As they rampage through Gotham, a young Dark Knight is forced to learn that there are evils in the city far stranger than mobsters and street criminals. Batman comes face-to-face with the twisted Professor Hugo Strange as their conflict reaches a boiling point!

#4 In the sinister grip of genetic mutants, the Batman learns first-hand that common criminals are not the worst evil to threaten Gotham. It’s an all-out slugfest as Batman pushes his training to the limit and goes toe-to-hideous-toe with the Monster Men!

#5 The action and intrigue come to a head as mobsters and mutants converge in the nightmares of the World’s Greatest Detective! Will Batman’s strength be enough to defend both his city and the woman he loves?

#6 The spine-tingling conclusion of Matt Wagner’s 6-part miniseries! Hugo Strange and his cadre of freakish henchmen descend on The Roman’s crew of ruthless mobsters. Can Batman rescue the woman he loves from the bloody carnage?


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Written by Matt Wagner. Art and cover by Wagner.

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