Betty And Veronica #202 Comic Book

Color Me Colorful (by Kathleen Webb & Jeff Shultz): Dilton enlists Betty in an experiment to determine Archie’s reactions to colors, and it’s got Veronica seeing red! “Paying Through the Nose” (by Webb & Shultz): Odor and decorum go out the window when Veronica gets a new, high-priced perfume! “Whatever Suits You” (by Mike Pellowski & Shultz): Whether swimming, sunbathing or playing volleyball, the girls have swimsuits for any occasion! “Body Image” (by George Gladir & Shultz): Veronica can’t wait for a date with a hunky Adonis… but soon finds out he’s nothing but a “dumb bell!” FC, 32pg.


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By Kathleen Webb, Jeff Shultz, Mike Pellowski & George Gladir.

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