Betty And Veronica #227 Comic Book

By Various ‘Losers Can Be Choosers’: Betty & Veronica’s performance in the big beach volleyball tournament is less than stellar, but they certainly look fashionable as they flop! ‘The Things You Find’: When Betty and Veronica have a competition to see who can come up with the best outfit from garage sale purchases, they learn that everything old is new again! ‘Two of Club’: Veronica has Betty pose as a rich cousin at her ‘beach club for wealthy girls,’ but if it’s one thing Betty’s not, it’s a ‘poser!’


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Artist:Barry Grossman, Giulia Brusco, Jeff Shultz, Christopher Jones, Jack Morelli, Pat Brousseau. Script Writer:George Gladir, Kathleen Webb, Ernest Mayes, Mike Spinnaraque, Sara Algase, Angelo Decesare. Editor:Victor Gorelick, Richard Goldwater.

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