Grifter #8 Comic Book

Grifter exchanges gunfire with Serge, hallucinating the shootout as a western movie gunfight. He then has a vision of arguing and fighting with Zealot, unaware he is actually battling Prayer. She spears him in the leg and demands Thomley’s logbook before finally deducing he has been drugged. Just as she prepares to kill Cash, Eddie stops her and reveals he gave the logbook to Serge. Serge leaves on a motorcycle, and Prayer follows. At a press conference, Thomley deflects questions from reporters about his financial malfeasance as well as the rumor he has an illegitimate daughter. Later, he meets Serge to get the logbook only to discover it has been switched with a Bible. Back at Venice Beach, the Cannibals return, knock Grifter out, and drag him away.


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Writers Steven T. Seagle Pencilers Ryan Benjamin Inkers Chuck GibsonSandra Hope Colourists Wildstorm FXWendy BroomeMartin JimenezIn Color Letterers Bill Oakley Editors Michael Heisler

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