Justice League International #24 Comic Book

“The Road Less Traveled”

After the detonation of the Gene Bomb,[1] Max Lord learns that he has the metagene and he returns to the cave Metron used as a makeshift headquarters when the League faced him and the Construct.[2] He turns on the computer and gets shocked. When he wakes up, he discovers the cave has become sealed after the computer blew itself out.

At the Justice League Embassy, Blue Beetle does a spit-take and tells the team that Max is in trouble—Max has used telepathy to send out a beacon for help. Ice goes with Beetle and they rescue Max.

Back at the Embassy, Oberon plots a surprise with Fire.

“Across a Crowded Room…”

The Justice League International throws a membership party but Fire is sick and bedridden. In the kitchen, shrunken Khund warriors[3] regain their normal size. They step outside to the party and immediately retreat into the Justice League Teleporters where they accidentally scatter themselves into atoms. Hawkman and Hawkwoman quit and several new Leaguers are recruited.


Max Lord is taken hostage. Max turns the kidnappers against each other and returns home without violence.


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