Nick Fury, Agent Of Shield #15 – First Appearance And Death Of Bull’S Eye Comic Book

HYDRA hires the services of Bulls-eye, a paid assassin, to kill Nick Fury. Fury and Laura attend a concert by Country Joe and The Fish in Central Park when Bulls-eye strikes apparently assassinating Nick Fury in full view of horrified onlookers. Abruptly, Hydra leader number 72 decides this would be the moment SHIELD would expect HYDRA to strike and changes his plans for an attack. Instead, SHIELD converges on Central Park and corner Bulls-eye, who decides to shoot it out with them but Dugan kills him.


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Script: Gary Friedrich (plot, dialogue); Herb Trimpe (plot); Dick Ayers (plot)

Pencils: Herb Trimpe; Dick Ayers (see notes)

Inks: Sam Grainger

Letters: Jean Izzo

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