Nights Into Dreams #6 Comic Book

Elliot and Claris start taking NiGHTS to the Twin Seeds tower, where there’s a portal to Nightopia. Meanwhile Roger, who still is sleeping, goes to Nightmare, where he meets up with Reala, who reveals to Roger that Elliot and Claris are escaping with NiGHTS and orders him to stop them.At the Twin Seeds tower, Emmanuel tells Lucy that he doubts that the R.E.M. agents will be able to invade his tower again. However, when he is alone, he is surprised by the terrorists, who sneaked into the tower disguised as glass repairmen. On the highest floor of the tower, Emmanuel starts talking with the R.E.M. agents and it is hinted that he is actually working with them, as Emmanuel agrees with their plan of blowing up the Twin Seeds tower.


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