Outcasts #1 Comic Book

It’s 2049. Wanna know what they’re gonna do to you if you’re just a little different? Life isn’t easy in this dismal vision of the future, especially if you’re one of the “lowlies”…until the mysterious Kaine the Untouchable enters the picture to recruit some of the oddly super-powered outsiders to join her in a revolt against barbaric genocide! Join Kaine as she seeks out the six-fingered mutant Shock…the cybernetic powerhouse called B.D. (Brain Dead) Rickenbacker…and Yancy Queeg, a man cursed with eternal life! Together, and against their better judgment, they become the Outcasts and, man, do they have their work cut out for them! Join this new breed of hero as they attempt to fight their way out of the segregated slums of the Big City, exposing those who feed off the suffering of the poor unfortunates who weren’t born rich and perfect. It’s the rich against the poor as the uppercrusts seek to keep the sick and unsightly hidden away. It’s the Outcasts against…everybody! So you wanna know what they’re gonna do to you if you’re just a little different? This series has the answer…and it’s not a pretty sight! In the premiere issue: City Leader Boss Angel’s Mutant Clearance Bill doesn’t sit well with some powerful mutants…including Kaine Salinger and Shock! 32 pages, full color.


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Written by John Wagner and Alan Grant. Art by Cam Kennedy and Steve Montano. Cover by Cam Kennedy.

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