Peter Parker The Spectacular Spider-Man #115 Comic Book

“Things Fall Apart” Guest-starring Doctor Strange. Script by Peter David. Pencils by Mark Beachum. Inks by Bob McLeod. Peter Parker has been having an unusual amount of bad luck lately, so he decides to visit the Master of the Mystic Arts to see if something odd is going on. Indeed, the wall-crawler is surrounded by a bad luck aura, but Doctor Strange can remove it from both Spider-Man and the original source, Felicia Hardy. But how is this going to affect the Black Cat, who happens to be in the middle of a caper? Cameo appearance by the Foreigner. 32 pages


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Artist:D. Martin, Rich Buckler, Mark Beachum, Joe Rosen. Editor:Jim Owsley, Adam Blaustein. Script Writer:Peter David. Publisher:Marvel.

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