Punisher Annual #5 Comic Book

When Microchip’s computer is infected with a virus, Frank goes undercove at Raycom to solve the problem. Then in “The Vengeance Routine!” Story by Rob Tokar. Art by Vince Evans and Al Williamson. One of the Punisher’s targets survives and goes under police protection. But this may turn out worse for him… Then in “Icecapade!” Story by Roger Salick. Art by Val Mayerik. Unarmed and by himself, the Punisher takes on a gang of vandals. Finally in “Punisher’s Top 10 Villains!” Story by George Caragonne. Art by Art Nichols. For guy as lethal as Frank Castle, aquiring a rogues gallery is a hard thing to do. The Punisher himself reveals his Top 10 foes. 64 pages, FC.

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Story by Peter David. Art by Steven Butler and Dan Panosian.

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