Sabrina #1 Comic Book

This story makes the transition from the current Sabrina series to the all-new Sabrina #1, based on the animated series from DIC! Repulsa, queen of the goblins, has never forgiven Sabrina for thwarting her plan to defeat Enchantra and rule the “Other Realm.” She seeks vengeance, and feels the best revenge is to throw Sabrina’s world out of whack by zapping her into the past! Now younger, Sabrina has no powers of her own– she can’t become a full witch till she’s 16– but she can “borrow” spells from her teen witch aunts’ (Hilda and Zelda) “Spookie Jar.” But there’s one thing Repulsa didn’t count on– Sabrina makes the best of it and actually has a good time at age 12! Will she ever want to be 17 again?


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