Scarlett #1 Comic Book

Parts 1 & 2 of the 5-part “Blood of Innocence.” Do vampires really walk the Earth? They do, but so do a band of super-powered vampire hunters. Led by a reluctant teenaged heroine who, transformed by the bite of the undead into the Scarlett Redeemer, is driven to find the brutal murderers of her parents. She is Bly Pharis, last hope of an immortal order of vampire slayers. Her prey is Sunset Sam and his fearsome group of vampire bikers who represent only the vanguard of a savage, secret culture of the undead. SCARLETT is the story of an ages-old struggle, set in the present day, outside the DC Universe; a struggle where the undead threaten humanity, and only the dedication of a small group of specially trained, uniquely-bred warriors stands before the triumph of the undead and mankind’s obliteration.


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Written by Tom Joyner and Keith S. Wilson, with art and cover by Jim Fern. 52 pages with no ads. New Format.

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