Star Hunters #4 (1977 Dc) Comic Book

Killed in the explosion of the Sunrider, Flint is resurrected by an mysterious alien known as the Entity. Flint is returned to the Star Hunters with a new mission, and usurps command from Darcy Vale, who attempts to betray them to the Corporation and almost causes their new ship to be destroyed. Flint fights off the Corporation though, aided by the ship’s sentient computer, Ozzie. The Star hunters then discover a dark secret: Mindy Yano has a device implanted in her brain without her knowledge by the Corporation which has been sending accounts of their activities back to Earth. This is what has been causing her epileptic seizures-and the surgery needed to remove the implant could kill her or leave her a vegetable. As the new Commander, Flint must choose between potentially life threatening surgery or a lifetime in isolation for Mindy…


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Written by David Michelinie. Rich Buckler and Bob Layton art.

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