Star Hunters #7 (1977 Dc) Comic Book

With Mindy Yano en route to a world where she can have the Corporation’s implant removed from her brain, the Star Hunters and their allies return to Earth to take on the might of the Corporation, but fly into a trap. On the way, Donovan Flint tells the crew how and why he was resurrected in issue #4. The Entity had revealed to him that the conflict he and his comrades are caught up in is just the latest chapter in an aeons old war between light and darkness for control of the multiverse. Furthermore, Flint himself has been chosen by the alien Sornaii to be their champion. (The flashback shows Claw the Unconquered and Starfire as previous champions.) ‘Mac’ McGavin is killed while attempting to land on Earth in a commandeered Interceptor ship in order to be reunited with his family, and when an enraged Flint attacks his friend’s killers, he too is shot down, crash landing on the planet’s surface. He is last seen seeking a way to get back into space before the virus in his system causes his genes to begin mutating. The fate of the remaining Star Hunters is left unresolved.


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Written by David Michelinie (with plot assist from Bob Layton). Rich Buckler and Tom Sutton art.

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