Supreme #18 Comic Book

Supreme Madness part 6 and finale: The fight between Pitt and Supreme was epic. But, finally, Pitt had succeed to steal his hammer to Supreme and the mad hero had lose the source of his power. Pitt is about to bring the final blow to his enemi (that he thinks as a Zoyvoid’s agent) but a long-time memory returns: Supreme had save the creed planet from a asteroid and is seen like a savior in the Pitt nation. So, Pitt put down the supreme’s hammer, inable to kill him. But Supreme Madness goes on. With his hammer returned, he attacks once again Pitt. The battle goes on and leads the two opponents in the bottom of a river. The hammer of supreme is charging up so and so and Pitt decides to get out of the zone. The energy of the hammer unleashed, all the area is shatterred. Pitt protects a young woman before Supreme goes out the river. But the energy he used was too huge and Supreme falls down. unconscious, Supreme dreams about the last evenments and his madness. When he wakes up, hours later, the police surrounds him but their vehicles was destroyed by a man equiped like Grizlock. In fact, it’s Simple Simon who had steel the power suit. The battle goes on between Supreme and the hero, exhausted by all their precedent fights don’t succeed to win. At this moment, Pitt appears and brokes the simple simon power suit. The fight is over. Pitt returns to his adventures and Supreme brings Simple Simon in order to find more explanations. The Supreme madness is over.


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cript by Rob Liefeld and Kurt Hathaway, pencils by Marat Mychaels (layouts) and Cedric Nocon, inks by Norm Rapmund

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