The Rook #3 – Alex Toth Art Comic Book

The mysterious MacQuarb shows Bishop and Wells the past and the future, then sends them into the future to rescue Restin and Adam, destroy the Morlocks, and restore the correct order of things; Adam and his wife Louise have to remain in the future were they will rebuild the world. Bravo For Adventure Part 1, script and art by Alex Toth; Set in 1935; Pilot Jesse Bravo is hired to act as stunt-co-ordinator on a movie shooting in Lone Pine. The cast of characters who converge on Lone Pine include crime boss Kardos trying to find Bo Bannon, who has run up a large gambling debt to him; Bannon is engaged to Vivi Powell, who breaks it off with him when she finds out about the debt. Comes The End Time Part 2, script by Will Richardson, art by Alfredo Alcala; Voltar and Minorca journey to the Forest of Thorns which guards the entrance to the Goblin underworld; The thorns attack them, killing Minorca and disabling Voltar. Magazine size. 76 pgs.


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Painted cover art by Bob Larkin. The Original Master Of Time Part 3, script by Will Richardson, art by Lee Elias;

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