The Superman Family #174 Comic Book

Cover art by Kurt Schaffenberger. Eyes of the Serpent starring Supergirl, script by Elliot S. Maggin, art by Kurt Schaffenberger. Through a Murderer’s Eyes starring Lois Lane, script by E. Nelson Bridwell, art by Irv Novick. Supergirl Villains Quiz. New Fashions for Supergirl. The Million Dollar Question starring Jimmy Olsen, script by Otto Binder, pencils by Curt Swan, inks by Ray Burnley. Superman for Sale starring Perry White, script by Bill Finger, pencils by Wayne Boring, inks by Stan Kaye. 64 pgs.


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Artist:Kurt Schaffenberger, Irv Novick, Mike Sekowsky, Jim Mooney, Curt Swan, Elizabeth Harllee, Jean Leisser, Scott Gassman, Wayne Boring. Script Writer:Elliot S. Maggin, E. Nelson Bridwell, Otto Binder, Bill Finger. Editor:Julius Schwartz, Murray Boltinoff. Publisher:DC Comics.

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