Veronica #182 Comic Book

Cover art by Dan Parent. “The Dream Job?”, script and pencils by Dan Parent, inks by Jim Amash; Mr. Lodge gets Veronica a job as an intern working for “Trend” magazine; But the dream job turns into a nightmare when Veronica meets her shrew of a boss, Monica Bogart. “Presidential Material,” script by Barbara Slate, pencils by Dan Parent, inks by Jim Amash; Veronica tells Betty she wants to become the President of the United States; Then she proceeds to tell Betty of all of the changes she’ll make, like painting the White House, redesigning the dollar, etc. Veronica fan art. Advice column in which Sara Algase Levin answers readers’ letters as Veronica. “Ups and Downs,” script by Mike Pellowski, pencils by Dan Parent, inks by Jim Amash; Archie and Veronica spend a few romantic days together at the Lodges’ secret hideaway. 36 pgs., full color.


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Artist:Barry Grossman, Dan Parent, Jack Morelli, Teresa Davidson. Script Writer:Dan Parent, Barbara Slate, Sara Algase Levin, Mike Pellowski. Editor:Victor Gorelick, Richard Goldwater.

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