Web of Spider-Man #71 Comic Book

“Fortune’s Fury” Part 1 of 2. Story by Danny Fingeroth. Art by Dave Ross, Keith Williams, and Andy Mushynsky. Cover by Dave Ross and Keith Williams. Dominic Fortune (last seen in Iron Man 213 and Marvel Super Heroes 2nd series issue 3) is seeking revenge on Simon Steele, the man who killed his son. Dominic asks Peter Parker to use the Daily Bugle archives to help him research possible hideout locations for Steele (aka Wolfgang Von Lundt). By the way someone else is also looking for Steele too: Silver Sable! The big showdown takes place in a fifth avenue townhouse with Spider-Man, Dominic Fortune, Silver Sable, the wild pack, Simon Steele, Sabbath Raven, and Sabbath’s daughter! 32 pages


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Artist:Bob Sharen, Dave Ross, Typographical, Rick Parker. Script Writer:Danny Fingeroth. Publisher:Marvel. Editor:Tom DeFalco.

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