Professor Ashwatthama – Rebirth Of Ravana

After the 1945 Hiroshima Atomic blast, a villain from Dwapar Yuga’s Mahabharata met India’s greatest Atomic Scientist Dr. H.Baba and introduced him to the wars and weapons of the future including the blueprints of invincible BHRAMASTRA. In order to return his favour, Dr. Baba temporarily healed mysterious character’s incurable wound with his invention. Together they created many weapons for India and even formed India’s first Classified Secret Service, F.A.R – Final Assault Regiment. Dr. Baba started addressing him Professor. But when Dr. Baba died under suspicious circumstances, this mysterious character eluded the lab. Until, in 2016, 700 F.A.R soldiers with modernistic weapons created by Professor himself constrained him from the jungles of Madhya Pradesh in the name of National Security. Presently, Professor Ashwatthama aka Prisoner no. 27 is locked up in India’s classified prison. A nefarious scientist from STERM, Dr. Fhala Gavar steals Ravana’s Jewel from Mythology Museum in Sri Lanka and unearths lost grave of Genghis Khan. As Dr. Gavara transfer’s Ravana’s soul into Genghis Khan’s body, the earth plunges into darkness. The Demon King rises from his sleep after eons and Indian Authorities are forced to take help from their best Mathematician and Armourer- Prisoner 27 aka Professor Ashwatthama.


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by Saahil S Sharma (Author)

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