Shambu – The Essential Collection

Shikari Shambu is one of Tinkle’s most iconic characters. The moustachioed man with a sola topee over his eyes is a reluctant hero and would like nothing better than to spend his days lying in a comfy hammock. Despite his attempts to avoid any kind of work, Shambu inevitably finds himself in the middle of some or the other adventure involving wild animals of all shapes and sizes.

However, no matter the challenge, Shambu succeeds through sheer coincidence and luck. And once the danger has passed, Shambu is quite happy to bask in the glory of his chance victories, which has everyone fooled, except for his wife, Shanti. Shambu The Essential Collection brings together EIGHT Shambu books in one set, so that the adventures never stop. These titles have been carefully handpicked by our editorial team, so that you get to enjoy the best of Shambu over the years.

Even the most avid reader might find some hidden gems in this collection.


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by Shriya Ghate (Author)

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