brzrkr signed by keanu reeves

Could your copy of BRZRKR #1 be signed by Keanu Reeves? Boom! Studios announces a limited 1:1000 incentive cover signed by Keanu himself!

We’ve been telling you that Keanu Reeves’ BRZRKR #1 was poised to be the biggest launch in the history of Boom! Studios for some time and as we brought to your attention over the weekend, Boom! Studios seems determined to make the issue not just their biggest creator-owned issue ever, but their biggest launch in the history of the company by adding a bunch of additional incentive covers. But we left off the biggest incentive of all… as retailers learned on Friday, BRZRKR #1 will now come with a 1-in-1000 incentive variant by Jonboy Meyers which will come hand-signed by Keanu Reeves himself.

brzrkr jonboy meyers cover
Image Courtesy: Boom! Studios

While Boom! Studios has offered 1-in-500 incentives on franchises like Power Rangers, they’ve never offered an incentive with this high of a ratio, which gives us a good sense of how big they expect the sales to be on this series. A 1-in-1000 incentive puts BRZRKR in rarified air. After all, even Marvel only went up to 1-in-500 on King in Black #1 by Donny Cates and Ryan Stegman and other major recent events like House of X and Powers of X by Jonathan Hickman. But given that this may be comic fans’ only chance to secure a copy of BRZRKR #1 autographed by Keanu himself, it makes some sense that the barrier to entry is set incredibly high.

It’s in even more rarified air when you consider BRZRKR is a creator-owned title and even as rival Image Comics has recently expanded the number of ratioed incentive covers they’ve offered, the highest they’ve offered is 1-in-200 on Cates and Geoff Shaw’s megahit Crossover.

The last time Image and Boom put aside their rivalry to crossover was for James Tynion IV to launch Department of Truth over at Image with Martin Simmonds before helping Something Is Killing The Children #11 reach new heights over at Boom. Could Cates use his special relationship with Keanu to make BRZRKR crossover with or into Crossover?

We already know that BRZRKR is the highest-selling original series just based on the initial orders. We also know that it already has orders higher than Image’s top title in February, Kyle Higgins and Marcelo Costa’s Radiant Black. The question that remains unanswered at this time is will Keanu’s creator-owned megahit be bigger than Donny Cates’ creator-owned megahit? And if Crossover was the biggest Image launch since Danger Girl in 1998, how far back will we have to go to find a creator-owned title that has sold as much as BRZRKR?

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