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Keanu Reeves’ BRZRKR #1 sells over 615,000 copies to comic stores before release. Surpasses Crossover and Spawn to claim the #1 spot in recent history!

Keanu Reeves’ BRZRKR comic book with co-writer Matt Kindt and artist Ron Garney has been hyped about for some time. It caught even more fire when the release got pushed back from September. And after a Keanu Reeves side project failed (CyberPunk), fans were on the edge for Reeves’s comic debut predicting that it would not only be Boom Studio’s biggest series ever but one of the biggest series in recent years! Now that the dust has settled from the FOCs not only were they correct about all the above but BRZRKR #1 is bigger than anyone might have imagined. In fact, it hasn’t just outsold last year’s megahit Crossover by Donnie Cates and Geoff Shaw… it did so by more than four times. Perhaps the personal message from “Neo” telling fans how to pre-order BRZRKR may have sent orders to the moon? Probably the signed 1-in-1000 incentive variant could have further pushed the boundaries? Could it be the first-of-its-kind 1:1000 variant incentive by Boom?

The main cover by Rafael Grampa alone outsold not only the previous record-holding creator-owned Boom series, We Only Find Them When They’re Dead by Al Ewing and Simone di Meo, but the company’s best-selling title of all time Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #1, which outsold every comic book published by Marvel in March 2016. After FOC, BRZRKR #1 has outsold 2019’s biggest books including Todd McFarlane’s record-setting Spawn #300 and #301, the X-Men redefining House of X, and Powers of X by Jonathan Hickman, and even DCeased by Boom’s own Tom Taylor.

After cutoff, the final orders for BRZRKR #1 stands at over 615,000 copies!

berzerker comic keanu reeves
BRZRKR #1 Variant Cover by Dan Mora

For reference, you’d have to go back almost 6 years to 2015 to find any comic from a publisher that outsold BRZRKR #1. If you did, you’d find Marvel Comics when they relaunched Star Wars #1 selling over a million copies, but… that sales number included a massive purchase from Loot Crate at the height of its power, which likely accounted for 400,000 to 500,000 copies outside of the direct market. If you deduct that, it would make BRZRKR #1 the highest ordered first issue by comic shops in the 21st Century!

On the creator-owned side of the business, you’d have to go back nearly 30 years to the halcyon days of Image when the original founders were launching their earliest titles to find a bigger creator-owned book. It’s likely that the last creator-owned series to launch this high was… Jim Lee’s WildCATS #1 which sold a million.

There’s no doubt that BRZRKR will be the #1 book of the month and potentially the top-selling book of 2021, even before reorders and the almost inevitable second printing, are made available.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments below! Pre-orders for BRZRKR #1 have started including all regular, premium, and ratio incentive covers. Send in your order today before stock runs out! Limit 1 per customer.

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