Tinkle Double Digest No. 223

What’s Special?
· Suppandi learns that soapy water makes it easier to remove finger rings that won’t slide out easily. All is well, until he decides to try the same hack in another situation! Read Suppandi: Soapy Solution to find out how the goofy guy lands in the soup!
· Tantri has got his hands on a watch-bomb that he believes will number Hooja’s hours on earth. But things go awry! Tantri the Mantri: The Ill-fated Watch takes the reader on a fun ride that ends with Tantri in bandages. Curious to find out how?
· Watch as our thick-headed crocodile becomes obsessed with reading Tinkle in Kalia the Crow: Doob Doob the Bookworm. But as usual, Chamataka has plans to use the magazine to trap a tasty meal for himself. Will he succeed?
· Aditi has terrible stage fright, which prevents her from taking part in a play. She watches from the sidelines as other students practise. Her friend Priya finds out about her fear and encourages her to take steps to overcome it in The Conqueror. Read on to find if Aditi succeeds in doing so!


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