New Batman
Would the fans finally embrace the new Batman?

The first look of Matt Reeve’s Batman starring Robert Pattinson was dropped last week and the internet is rejoicing over it. The first official look at Robert Pattinson’s Batman was revealed by Matt Reeves earlier this week, an official camera test for the upcoming Batman live-action movie slated to release in June 2021. The video landed on the internet absolutely out of nowhere and much to fans and WB’s expectations, spread all over the internet like wildfire. Since the movie has already been touted as the most anticipated movie of 2021 while still being in production right now in London, the new iteration to the caped crusader has been loved by everyone.

Robert Pattinson as Batman

New Batman
Source: Warner Bros. Pictures

The reactions all over the internet have been mixed. A certain section of the fans online has even compared the new Robert Pattinson with the Batman: Arkham Series games. This is mostly coming from a point of view after the fans have noticed similarities in Robert Pattinson’s suit which is mechanized with the Bat symbol on the chest, then there is the padding on the shoulders and chest which also has been giving out very strong Arkham vibes.

There is completely another part of the internet as well which has been saying that the video reminds them of the canceled Netflix superhero series; Daredevil which opened with a red blood titled sequence as well just the way camera test footage uploaded by Matt Reeves shows Pattinson in red light to the tune of an ominous new score from composer Michael Giacchino, showing the costumed crime-fighter from the chest up, disclosing a leather-looking cowl and tactical armor.

“It’s very much a point of view-driven, noir Batman tale,” The Planet of the Apes filmmaker has already stated in the press interviews about the new direction he seeks to take the Dark Knight. According to Matt Reeves, the new Batman movie shall be a detective story wherein Batman would running around his city in a mode and in a mood that has never been shown in a live-action movie before.

Comparing to the last few iterations of the character which have been vastly different with Christian Bale and Ben Affleck, the reports around the media circles have been that this version would focus mostly and explore Bruce Wayne’s second year as Batman, that Pattinson’s character would be more or so in his sophomore year of crime-fighting.

The Robert Pattinson version of Batman’s suit is being considered as the most different one when compared to the previous versions of the suits because it doesn’t look like a bat. Not only the wings of the symbol are traditionally sculpted metal or armor, but they also have a gritty quality to them that has some fans wondering if the Batman suit appears to be made from pieces of a gun. Looking closely the two pieces that have made up the bat “wings” strike a similarity to a weapon, which may be a gun, which has been cut in half to make the bat symbol. Could it be the weapon that killed his parents?

New Batman Logo
Source: Warner Bros. Pictures
batman symbol gun
Batman first-look colorized. Source:

The Batman releases on June 25, 2021, starring Robert Pattinson, Zoe Kravitz, Paul Dano, John Turturro, Andy Serkis, Colin Ferrel, Peter Sarsgaard, Jayme Lawson, and Jeffrey Wright. Check out the latest Batman comics.

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