The MCU in its vastness isn’t all the genius of the Russo brothers, Kevin Feige or the talented cast and crew, it is in fact born from the roots of comics! In its entirety, the MCU has grown into a modern-day cult with millions of followers all around the globe. Perhaps, the biggest fan following ever!

With its massive global following and an array of 19 movies under its wing, there are certain things you might’ve missed, including clever placement of Easter eggs. Here is a list of a few:

Oh Snap!

Thanos’ infamous snap that wipes out half of the universe is adapted from the very first issue!

The movie also takes a lot of hints from the more recent comic, i.e., Infinity (2013). This where we see the Children of Thanos – aka The Black Order. In the comics they’re called the Black Order or Cull Obsidian, but in avenger: Infinity War that name is given to the Thing (Fantastic Four) like character known as Black Dwarf in the comics.

Sorcerer’s Stone

Doctor Strange in the final fight against Thanos tries a series of spells (all in vain or is it?) that the fans of the sorcerer supreme might recognize, including the Crimson Band of Cyttorak which he uses to trap Thanos. Later in his one-on-one bout against Thanos, he unleashes the Images of Ikonn, creating a swarm of duplicates to confuse him.

“Your Saviour is here”

In the start of the movie, Loki, in a desperate attempt to save his brother tells Thanos “We have a Hulk” which fans may recall, is a direct reference to his conversation with Tony Stark in the first Avengers movie (before he was smashed and called a Puny God!).

Big Reveal


This was the moment that made everyone gasp! Completely unexpected and out of nowhere we see Red Skull on the distant planet, Vormir protecting the one thing he can’t have!

Here we finally learn what happened to the leader of Führer’s army, Red Skull. His fate, as it seemed ended when he yielded the Tesseract at the end of Captain America; The First Avenger. But as he attempts to wield the cosmic cube, he was transported to Vormir, a planet that first appeared in Avengers #123. He’s been watching over the Soul Stone which he can’t claim for himself.

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