10 Best X-Men Stories of all time

X-Men comics have always been known for their dark and realistic themes. These aren’t just characters who merely have some powers but they are equally emotionally vulnerable, like the rest of us. We asked our readers to pick out the best X-Men comics of all time. The answers were so spot on that we couldn’t help but compile a list for beginners and readers thinking about foraying into the X-Men universe.

Batman First Look Breakdown

Would the fans finally embrace the new Batman?

The first look of Matt Reeve’s Batman starring Robert Pattinson was dropped last week and the internet is rejoicing over it. The first official look at Robert Pattinson’s Batman was revealed by Matt Reeves earlier this week, an official camera test for the upcoming Batman live-action movie slated to release in June 2021.

The difference between Comics and Graphic Novels: Explained!

Comics are the medium of telling a story in forms of smaller stories that are released as issues, whereas graphic novels are the medium where stories are told in a single stretch in fewer volumes. These days a lot of movies, Tv series and web series are being made from stories based on graphic novels, for example, flash tv series, arrow tv series, the MCU, which are all stories derived from the characters based on graphic novels, but only fraction of the original character is bought to the screens and people love that itself, imagine how much they’d love to see the original character’s stories.

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